What is Lisa?

 In January 1983 Apple Computer released a new computer. It was called "Lisa".


Lisa was an innovative computer, quite ahead of its time. Like Apple's famous Macintosh computer the Lisa featured a mouse, icons, pull down menus, point and click, cut and paste... all this in 1983!

Lisa was so advanced it was incompatible with every other computer on the market. Apple bundled it with seven applications: word processing, spreadsheet, drawing program, graphing program, file manager, project manager and terminal program.

Lisa cost Apple $50m and 200 person years to develop (the Apple II took only 2 person years). It sold in the U.S for nearly $10,000.

     "We're going to blow IBM away. There's nothing they can do when this computer comes out. This is revolutionary, it's incredible."


   Apple's Steve Jobs to John Scully.

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