Lisa specifications

 CPU:   MC68000 at 5 megahertz
 RAM:   1 megabyte
 Monitor:   built-in 12 inch bit mapped monochrome (720 x 364)
 Hard disk:   5 megs
Keyboard:   Detachable keyboard with numeric keypad
Mouse:   One button mouse
 Floppy drives:   two 5.25 inch 860k drives


Lisa shown here with the 5 meg Profile hard drive on top.  


Is the Lisa mouse different to the Mac mouse?
A lot of people have been telling me that the Lisa and Mac 128k had the same mouse.
Here's proof the Lisa had a different mouse...

Lisa mouse

Mac mouse



     "We're really banking everything on Lisa technology. If Lisa fails we'll be just another half-billion or billion dollar computer company."

   Steve Jobs, Business Week, January 1983

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