Macintosh System 7 Lisa Dedication



Even tho the Lisa was considered by many at Apple to be a failed experiment there appear to be some Applers who still remember the Lisa and its legacy to the Macintosh. These people provided a short dedication to the Lisa Desktop Manager and its designers in Apple's latest operating system, System 7, which debuted in 1990, almost a decade after the Lisa's debut.

On a Macintosh running System 7 you may obtain a dialog showing a Lisa dedication. Hold down the Option key and select with the mouse the Apple menu item "About the Finder" (this item is called "About this Macintosh" if the Option key is not held down).

You should see a pretty mountain scene with some people's names at the bottom of the scene. Wait about 15 seconds and the bottom names will scroll showing the names of the people at Apple who contributed to the various versions of the Macintosh Finder. Eventually you will see the following dialog describing the Lisa Desktop Manager:


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