Welcome to the Lisa Emulator Project's History Page

So what does a Lisa screen look like emulated?

This shows you a close up of the window containing the screen shot of the Lisa's window. The emulator will look a little better that this. TO explain what you're seeing: When I first started writing the emulator, I ran MacWorks, not Lisa OS 7/7. So I whipped out an old copy of ZBasic and wrote a small program to copy the Lisa's memory out over the serial port to my Sun. Later, as I was writing code for the emulator, one of the earliest bits of code I wrote were XWindows Xlib routines to display the Lisa's screen. So you are seeing a screen dump from a real Lisa, mine, of my memory grabber. The text in the window is a counter that displays the address being dumped, now since the counter is updated every time a memory location is read, it's distorted in the screen dump.

Here is a gigantic (1024x768 gif 49kb) view of my entire desktop and the Lisa XWindow in the center.

I hope you've lots of RAM and a fast net connection if you chose to view this image!