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2015.09.02 LisaEm 1.2.6 Release

The following files are the most recent version. They include LisaEm, lisadiskinfo, lisafsh-tool, and libdc42.

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Lisa Emulator Change History                         http://lisaem.sunder.net/

2007.12.03 - fixed win32 rawbitmap issues, this should speed up the display
             quite a bit.  Linux rawbitmaps don't work yet, just show a blank
             white display.

2007.12.01 - fixed bugs on skinless on OS X.  Issue with wxBitmap, it needed
             to be filled in before using.  Some update to wxWidgets changed
             the default from the default being white, to an alpha background
             causing the whole display to fail to update at all since the
             data inside the wxBitmap was invisible.

           - bug report - libexpat was accidentally turned on in the OS X 
             version of LisaEm, this is not needed by LisaEm's use of 
             wxWidgets, it will be removed via  --without-expat in 
             wxWidgets' configure script.

Older downloads are available by clicking here.